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Because we see a need . . . 

Community . . .  a unified body of individuals

                     Many relationships  . . .  many interests

                                       Joining together  . . .  to meet the need. 

Centerstage Church  . . .  a church community

                    Zao Theatre  . . .  Centerstage's theatrical community

                                        Apache Junction Schools  . . .  a community in need.

Adopt a School Program  . . .  a common interest community

                    Volunteer and Donate  . . .  community filling the need

                                         School Students  . . .  filling the need recipients.

Join with Centerstage Church / Zao Theatre as we help our local schools provide the "little extras" the school budget can no longer afford. As individuals, we only make a small impact, but as a "community of individuals,"  we make a significant impact.

Adopt a School program goals . . . 

1. To provide financial assistance directly to the fine arts (music, art, drama) programs in the schools to keep them alive;

2. To provide student and classroom supplies;

3. To provide volunteers for classroom and field trip assistance;

4. To provide for special needs in the school;

5. To provide a directed donation plan for any other financial needs of the school that fall outside the annual budget.

How you can help . . . 

1. Join the Adopt a School program by submitting the form below.  

2. Participate by donating your time, talents, and dollars to meet the program goals. 

3. Volunteer to assist with program administration.

4. Encourage individuals, businesses, churches, other organizations, etc., to join and participate in the program. 

Together we can make a difference!

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